Villa Bonomi

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Villa Bonomi

A modern villa & unique villa

Villa Bonomi is an aristocratic villa with 11 bedrooms and four hectare park designed by renowned landscape architect Pietro Porcinai. It was built in the 1920’s and has since been beautifully restored twice.

Internal and external spaces have been restored with great attention to detail by the amazing Vincenzo Dascanio. The hand-decorated ceiling and the prestigious furniture ensure guests’ comfort and pleasure.

The ceremony takes place on the garden, surrounded by statues and  greenery . It is also the ideal place for a cocktail reception or a dinner for a smaller number of  guests.The front of the Villa is the perfect place for bigger eceptions. It has a magical view of the lake and the city of Como. 

It is possible to enjoy music outside until 11 pm after that dancing will need to occur indoors. They are working to have an indoor just dedicated for partying. 

In case of large groups you will need to hire a marquee.


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