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Meighan & Bertie


"A dream that came true. My fairytale wedding!"



"Couldn't have wished for a more beautiful day!"

The couple chose the exquisite Villa Erba, nestled on the shores of Lake Como, as the backdrop for their special day.

Meighan and her bridesmaids prepared for the occasion within the villa's luxurious confines, while Bertie opted for a stylish arrival, making a grand entrance in a charming vintage car from the Hilton. The choice added character and elegance, resulting in unique and delightful photo opportunities.

Their first look unfolded in front of the villa, a tender moment as they beheld each other for the first time.

The outdoor ceremony by the lake was followed by an Italian aperitif on the terrace, where the ambiance exuded elegance, sophistication, and a touch of Italian glamour.

As the sun set, dinner and dancing commenced indoors at Villa Erba, creating an atmosphere of warmth and celebration in the heart of this magnificent venue.

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Monday  23 September  2022

Villa Erba

Wedding Ceremony

Villa Erba

The lakeside ceremony at Villa Erba set the stage for a truly memorable occasion, attended by 100 cherished guests from both the States and the UK, uniting to celebrate this beautiful wedding.

Following the ceremony, the couple embarked on a delightful speedboat ride, complete with champagne and lively photo sessions, creating unforgettable moments against the stunning backdrop of the lake.

Meanwhile, the other guests indulged in refreshing gelato and delightful Aperol Spritz, savoring the joyful atmosphere and cherishing every moment of this special day.

Wedding Reception

Villa Erba

Dinner unfolded within the exquisite interiors of the villa, evoking an atmosphere of timeless elegance and romance.

The warm hues of the flowers cast a soft glow, setting the stage for an autumn wedding filled with love and enchantment.

A delightful surprise awaited the guests as a tenor serenaded them with traditional Italian songs, culminating in the iconic rendition of Nessun Dorma, a true highlight of the evening.

The excitement continued to soar as the couple cut into their traditional Italian cake, accompanied by a breathtaking display of fireworks that captivated all who were present.

The festivities reached a crescendo as everyone joined in dancing, with Meighan and Bertie leading the way with a choreographed first dance, perfectly complementing her chic and playful dress, adding a touch of whimsy to an already magical evening.

Villa Erba

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