How Much Does a Lake Como Wedding Cost?

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How Much Does a Lake Como Wedding Cost?

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Lake Como has become a more and more popular Wedding Destination over the years. And I can honestly understand why. It is one of the most romantic places in the world. Surrounded by its small villages and amazing landscapes, Lake Como is the perfect mix between luxury,
calm, and delight. The ultimate “dolce vita” but how much does it cost to get married in Lake Como?

Of course, all weddings are different based on the actual guests count and venue but
today I am going to give you some pricing to know better what you should expect if you wish to say “I Do” in Lake Como :).
Note that the pricing quoted in this article is variable depending on a lot of parameters such as guest count and the venues and prices are based on 2024 pricing. Every year there is a slight percentage increase.  We will base the prices listed for a wedding of around 150 guests in Villas like Villa Erba or Villa Pizzo.

How Much does a Lake Como wedding cost?

Wedding cost in Lake Como can vary depending on the guest count and venue selection. Overall the average price for a wedding of 150 guests will be around 200,000 euro.


Wedding prices can highly change depending also on the selection of vendors and the couples preferences. Some couple prefer to spend a large amount of their budget on music and lighting while others prefer to spend it on flowers. It really depends on the couple and their preferences.

1- Choose the Venue
After considering your guest count and budget, you will have to find the right venue that
matches these two criteria. Lake Como is surrounded by many beautiful villas so I’m sure you can
find the one you love.

 My personal favourites are: Villa Erba which has a capacity of 450 and Villa Pizzo which has a capacity of  200 .

These villas will costs around 25, 000 to 35 ,000 euro. 


2- Choose your catering options

Good catering is important because food is one of the main parts of a wedding. All the
catering offers different options depending on your taste. Starting price 200 euro to 300 euro per person. The price usually included an aperitif of 1 to 2 hours, a 3 course meal with red and white wine and a one tier wedding cake.

Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world so you would never be disappointed. Open bar is usually 12 to 25 euro per person and per hour depending on the bar selection. 



3- Music Baby !
Music and lighting are usually provided by the same supplier. The cost varies a lot depending
on if you want live music like a violin for the ceremony or a jazz band for aperitivo or a party band vs a DJ. 

Starting price for everything is around 20,000 euro but this really depends on the venue .

Party band starting price 8,000 euro.

String quartet starting price 3,000 euro.

You can go spending up to 40,000 euro depending on your choices.

If you were to spend less you could also choose one single instrument for the ceremony and aperitif, speakers for dinner and a DJ for the party and this will cut down cost deeply.

4- Transport
Lake Como’s particularity is that most of the transports are done by boat. What better way
to go to a wedding than by boat? Boats prices depend on the total number of guests and of course also on the time of the day. The later it is the more expensive it is. With 150 guests consider around 5,000 euro on boats. To cut cost we usually suggest to have buses as a mode of transport. This should cost maximum 1,800 euro.


5- Flowers
Flowers are what makes a wedding magical. It’s what will add color and joy to the venue and
create a real wedding theme. Flowers are also a big part of your ceremony aisle, the place where you will seal your love forever. Here prices can really vary and you can go crazy heavy on flowers and spend more than 50,000 euro or you can spend as less as 10,000 euro. The average good price for a decent amount of flowers is around 20,000 to 25,000 euro. This of course as always, depends on the venue as well and how big their spaces are. 

6- Photographer and Videographer
Choosing a photographer and a videographer is an important process because you must find
the one that matches your style. You will probably look back at the pictures and videos of your
wedding 30 years after and you want them to be as amazing as the day was. Every
photographer as their own style so you will have to go through their portfolio or social media to see what they offer. The price for photos starts 3,500 euro but can go up to 20,000 euro as well depending on the photographer. Videographer, the starting price is 7,000 euros  but can also find more expensive ones. 

7- Extra cost
Extra cost includes celebrant, hair and make-up, furniture and also extra entertainments such as fireworks, photo-booths, mentalist, caricaturists, artists etc… More and more people will always try to make their wedding stand out and add a touch of uniqueness so some of them will also hire performers during the wedding.

Celebrant usually charges around 500 euro. For hair and make-up the starting price is 500 to 700 euro for the bride. 

Furniture is also a big topic. You can decide to keep the catering chairs  and mise en plus from the catering company which are usually included in the price or some people prefer to hire specific ones that go well with the whole theme of the wedding,  You will also need some sofa sets, high tables during the aperitif hour .You can spend a minimum amount of 10,000 euro to 25,000 always depending on the venue and what you choose.

So as you can see, a wedding day budget varies a lot depending on your vision. But globally
speaking, a wedding for 150 people will cost around 200,000 euro. If you are interested on having your magical day at Lake Como please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email: We will set a free
meeting together to match your ideas and make the most of your unique day.


Don’t get discourage because we also have options for smaller wedding groups with lower budgets as the Lake offers as well smaller and cheaper venues and other options such a beautiful restaurants that you can hire with exclusivity right by the lake. 


With love,


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