A 3 day event!

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A 3 day event!

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Having a wedding in Lake Como means that you and your guests will travel to one of the most wonderful locations in Italy. You can therefore get the most out of your visit and make the whole experience as special as your wedding day.

Most brides are now deciding to do a 3 day event!

Day 1
You can enjoy a rehearsal dinner in a restaurant; from a traditional Italian to a 5 star luxury one, you will definitely enjoy great food & wine as well as each other's company. It is a great idea to welcome everyone and give the guests an opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding (in case some of them don’t).

Day 2
Your wedding day! It will be the most special day,  a whole different feel than any other weddings your guests have been to. You have chosen a breathless location, a place of fashion and romance with exquisite food and wine. We try to incorporate some Italian traditions as well as yours to make your day unique and unforgettable.

Day 3                                                                                                                                                                                   After the wedding you can decide to have a brunch. If you are hiring a private villa then you can decide to have a barbecue or a pizza party. You can choose to have something relaxing like a nice breakfast or a party once again. Who says no to a swimming pool party by the lake, with music, pizza & cocktails? Another option is to organise a party at a Lido.  The lake has many lidos where you can enjoy swimming, tanning, drinking and eating by the lake.

It will definitely be an authentic experience; not only a memorable day but memorable days! 
Who says your day should only be one? Make it a 3 day experience. If this is something you would like then you can have a look at the Diamond package that we offer.

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